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By rachid idrissi

updated 14 days ago

The Active Campaign integration allows you to easily import your Active Campaign lists into Emaillistvalidation and send the verification results back to Active Campaign.

Simply integrate the emaillistvalidation API to your Active Campaign lists and begin decreasing bounce rates and increase ROI. The emaillistvalidation API integration lets you import “active” contacts in your mailing list so that you can verify those emails.

  • All you need is an active Active Campaign account to start using this integration. 

To get started, you need:

  • Emaillistvalidation account

  • Active Campaign account

Click on Verification from your dashboard. Select Connect Integration and then click on the Active Campaign icon. Provide your Active Campaign API Key and Account name, example : "Accountname" not "",  click submit, and you are good to go. Your newly imported list will now be visible.

How to get your API Key

On your Dashboard, go to Settings > choose Developer and copy the API Key.

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