About Email List Validation

Email List Validation provides technology that promotes email best practices and improves deliverability. Our mission is to ensure customers with opt-in contacts get their message to the inbox and to prevent all the rest from hitting Send. With our Real Time Email Validation service you can easily clean up existing email lists or verify if an email address entered into a registration form on your website really exists and can receive mails. Email List Validation ensures you only send email to real users and helps you separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. Protect your reputation, increase open rates, and save money with Email List Validation.


Which package will be suitable for me?

It all depends on regularity you want your email list to be checked. If you want a regular checkup like once in a week then you should opt for the monthly package and if you want a one time check then you can opt for the pay as you go package.


How to upload my email lists?

You will have an “Upload Email List” option on the dashboard. Click on it and you will see how easy it is to upload your list.


How fast are the lists processed by Email List Validation?

Usually the processing time takes between 30-120 minutes but it all depends on the size and quality of your list. We make sure to use the best tools in order to come through.


How does the email verification process work?

We have specified algorithms designed to use the best tools such as domain validation, syntax verifier, Spam-Tram removal and email deduplication tools which clean up and sort your email lists. We also check MX records and carry out bounce processing..


Are my upload lists secure?

Your lists are secured by data transmission through a 256 bit SSL protocol. The data is encrypted and stored our strict protocol policy rules and can only be accessed by someone with the credentials to log in.


Is there a need to install anything?

There is no need to install anything. You only need to sign up and upload your list and wait for the results.


What is the accuracy percentage of Email List Validation?

We provide the best services with the accuracy rate of 98%. This is the best inbreed standard for measuring the verifications and this is approved by thousands of customers.


How many times is there a need to verify my lists?

If you have a very large list of emails then you should get it verified one in every two weeks and if your list is small then once a month is enough.