Why Email Verification?

72% of consumers still prefer email as their main source of business communication. That’s quite astounding in itself. Considering other platforms out there like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, direct mail, and many others. Still, email, despite the fact it was invented in 1972, remains wildly popular with customers.

Email List Validation ® is a Powerful, Simple, Fast Email Verification Service

Email List Validation ® allows you to perform effective email marketing campaigns by ensuring email list deliverability. You can verify emails within your application or website with our real-time API. Offer the best experience possible for your users and help them avoid entry or spamming mistakes.

Benefits of Email Verification:

  1. Reduced Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of email addresses in your subscriber list that didn't receive your message because it was returned by a recipient mail server. It's frustrating to see your emails bounce. You've sent out your campaign with high hopes, but find out quickly that some of your emails didn't make it too far. Many different reasons will cause an email to bounce. One reason is you have to clean up your contact list before you try to send to it.

     2.Lower Mailing Costs

The costs that build up when creating an email campaign can be significant if you are not careful, and the campaign is not always as effective as one would hope.  Many ESPs, like MailChimp for instance, bill you based on the number of subscribers you have. Verifying your contact list first will save your company by making sure you have a quality email list.

      3.Increased Inbox Delivery

Email and snail mail are totally different. Unlike regular mail, a lot of the time, email just doesn’t get there. That’s usually because your sender reputation is damaged because of your past campaigns. The best way to improve it is to increase your open rate and conversions. Email verification software removes the deadweight from your list, which improves your campaigns, which ultimately upgrades your sender score.

       4.Email Deduplication

It’s not uncommon to see duplicates when sending a bulk quantity of emails. Email deduplication is the process of removing all matching emails from a list. It eliminates sending duplicate or redundant emails.

        5.Spam Trap Removal

Spam traps are a fraud management tool used by ISPs and blacklist providers. They look like a real email address, but they don’t belong to authentic users. Therefore, these accounts theoretically shouldn’t receive email. However, they often do get messages, and some of these messages are from well-meaning email marketers. As a matter of fact, if you’ve ever used a single opt-in mailing list, you’re extremely vulnerable to spam traps. Since spam traps look just like regular email addresses, unearthing them manually is knotty. Email validation software is the surest way to remove them.

         6.Precise Email Marketing Data

Your email marketing can only become successful if you deliver the right data to the right people. Otherwise sending a bulk quantity of emails to an irrelevant user base can waste all your money and produce no value in return.

Email validation checks and verifies that all the emails on your mailing list are accurate and active, this can save you a considerable amount of money and time. This way you can have precise email marketing campaign statistics.

          7.Increased Conversion Rates

A clean email list increase delivery and conversion rate. Do not let your efforts go to waste when doing email marketing. Having a quality contact list will have a higher chance of getting your emails to your most engaged recipient's inbox and convert better.

          8.Maximize revenue opportunities

Saving your contact list and sending out email campaign cost you money.

Cleaning your email list lets you weed out the unresponsive subscribers and bad emails. Your list will surely sink but this will verify and give you more quality list.