What is Email Validation API?

Email List Validation email validation API is a simple but powerful tool that opens up a world of opportunities for your company to verify any email address. The API provides you with a 360-degree report view of your email list, covering over 30 status and sub-status codes, which will help you make the right decision on whether to email a certain address.

Prevent unwanted sign-ups with our Email Validation API

When a customer signs up to your website or to your newsletter, you will call the API to get valuable information about that email address. This allows you to make actionable decisions based on the results.

  • Is the email domain misspelt?

  • • Check the sub_status property for "possible_typo" and provide them the suggestion in the did_you_mean property.

  • "Your email address "[email protected]" is invalid, did you mean "[email protected]"?

  • Is it a temporary email address?

  • • Check the sub_status property for "disposable".

  • "Thanks for your interest in our newsletter, but we don't accept temporary email addresses. Please use your real email address.

  • Is the email address invalid?

  • • Check the status property for "invalid".

  • "It appears that your email address is invalid, please double check the spelling."

  • Do you only accept corporate emails?

  • • Check the free_email property for "true".

  • "We only allow corporate customers, please sign up with your corporate email account."

  • Do you only accept personal emails?

  • • Check the sub-status property for "role_based".

  • "Please use your personal email account, we don't allow emails that start with "admin, sales, website, etc".

  • Having issues with fraud?

  • • Check the domain_age_days property.

  • "We don't allow sign-ups from brand new domains."

To get Started:

Click on API from your dashboard. Select Create New API and then enter on the API Key.