Your data is in safe hands when you go with Email List Validation. As the classic idiom goes, time is money. We believe data is money too. That’s why we treat your data like a pot of gold. We use the strictest security measures to keep your info safe. Furthermore, we NEVER do anything with your data that you didn’t give us express permission to do. Email List Validation is used by companies in over 85 countries around the world. We’re truly global. For us, all the world’s a stage. Yet, every stage has different rules, regulations, and precepts. For this reason, Email List Validation adopts mind-bogglingly strict data privacy rules that comply with all 85 countries we do business with. We’ve already passed the toughest privacy and security audits in the world. That’s why you can be sure Email List Validation is 100% compliant with the GDPR.



Email List Validation GDPR Controls 

Here’s the skinny. Email List Validation is classified as a processor. In layman’s terms, a processor applies actions or functions on personal data. In Email List Validation’s case, our actions determine whether or not personal data is valid. Of course, we’re using the term “personal data”, but for all intents and purposes, we only validate email addresses. Let’s peel back the curtain. After you send your list of email addresses to Email List Validation, that data is safely transported to our cloud computing vendor. Then, Email List Validation uses our secret sauce to unearth a hidden signal from the email server of every single email address. This signal precisely indicates the validity of the email. After we’ve collected and interpreted a signal for every email on your list, we return your data. Of course, this is done via a secure connection. When it comes to the specifics of your data, we don’t know beans. And this is one scenario where ignorance really is bliss. 


GDPR has rules that processors, like Email List Validation, must follow down to the last detail. If we don’t follow these controls, we can’t serve customers in the European Union. Here’s a list of the mandated regulations.

Following Your Rules 

Your data. Your rules. That’s the philosophy here at Email List Validation. You have the right to tell us what we can and can’t do with your information. When it comes to your data, we follow the golden rule. We treat your data like we’d want you to treat our data. In other words, you can be absolutely certain we’ll protect the privacy of you and your customers. Nevertheless, we gladly accept special requests for handling your data. Simply send us a list of instructions and we’ll personally verify them against our internal rules. If there’s any discrepancy (there usually isn’t), then we’ll follow your special request to the letter. 


Confirming Our Sub-Processors 

There’s no I in team. Accordingly, Email List Validation uses on-demand cloud computing services as part of our verification process. We only work with cloud computing companies that undergo annual compliance examinations. Moreover, we ensure they’re certified by the appropriate regulatory bodies. To put it another way, our partners are 100% compliant with the GDPR. 


Deletion of Data 

As we mentioned earlier, we treat your data like a pot of gold. We’ve never had a complaint about the data our cloud servers shield. Still, we’ll quickly honor your data request removal anytime. Furthermore, you can delete your own data at your convenience via the control panel in your Email List Validation account. 


Support Compliance Audits 

We’re an open book. Seriously. At any time you can request an audit of Email List Validation’s office and processing facilities. We’ll roll out the welcome mat for you. You’ll find a pleasant conversation and plenty of snacks. However, you won’t find your email list data. That’s because we don’t keep any customer email list data in our offices. Our cloud computing vendors keep your email list data. Furthermore, our vendors have incredibly strict security; they won’t even allow us inside to individually audit their facilities. Yet, they’re rigorously monitored by the government. As we mentioned earlier, our vendors satisfy industry-standard compliance programs and have the needful certificates. In other words, they’re fully GDPR compliant.


Keeping Things Secure See you next year. That’s what a group of tough independent reviewers annually says to our Information Security Policy. Every year our policy is audited by this nonpartisan group. Moreover, another group of tough customers looks over policy. We mean that literally. Our toughest customers, a vocal group of consumer advocates committed to data security, also review the policy annually. Additionally, Email List Validation receives semi-annual objective network testing and quarterly vulnerability testing. This rigorous testing safeguards our network from malicious actors. Lastly, every email address (when it’s actually in our possession), is shielded by AES 256 encryption. We’ll leave out the technical details for the sake of brevity. All you need to know is that AES 256 encryption is a ridiculously tough nut to crack. Most bad actors take a hard pass when they see it. 


Breach Notification 

Here at Email List Validation, we expect the unexpected. Even if the unexpected is as rare as hen’s teeth. That’s why we put together an official Incident Response Plan. This plan delineates our communication and remediation tactics in the unlikely event of a breach. In plain English, the plan says: what we're going to tell you about the breach, and how we’re going to fix it. Here are the three steps of the best-laid plan of mice and men. 1) We’re going to tell it like it is. No secrets. 2) Up close and personal. When breaches happen, some people are definitely affected, some are safe, and some might be affected. We’ll quickly let you know what group YOU fall in. 3) If a breach happens, we’ll work day and night to secure our system and catch those bad apples. We’ll assiduously update with you our progress. 


Record Processing Activities The whole kit and caboodle of our business is data processing. Because that’s the case, it’s vital we maintain an accurate record of all our processing activities. We aren’t just playing by our own rules here, accurate data keeping is required by law. The GDPR requires us to keep a record of all email processing activities. You can access this information via your Email List Validation account. The information contains logs with the following data: list name, processing location, and the total records processed for each consumer. We know you dislike battle royals over data use. Fortunately, our data keeping creates a virtual trail for every list ever processed by our systems. This allows the unvarnished truth to rapidly surface. You can easily discover who uploaded, downloaded, processed, or didn’t process an email list. 


Data Protection Executive 

Email List Validation lives large. We process a tremendous amount of email addresses each day. In order to maintain law and order, we established the role of data protection officer on our staff. This is another fulfillment of GDPR. And as we mentioned earlier (remember 85 countries), we don’t joke around when it comes to following data privacy laws. Our data protection officer is a prominent member of Email List Validation’s senior management team. He does a bang-up job training employees, ensuring they’re 100% compliant with the GDPR. Moreover, he manages our information security program, vulnerability testing, and he communicates with supervisory authorities when needed. If you’d ever like to chat up our DPO, let us know. He’s more than happy to answer any of your questions.